Gaussian Distribution Formula

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The Gaussian distribution

Normal (Gaussian) Distribution

The normal distribution is by far the most important probability distribution. One of the main reasons for that is the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) that we will discuss later in the book. To give you an idea, the CLT states that if you add a large number of random variables, the distribution of the sum will be approximately normal under certain conditions. The importance of this result comes from the fact that many random variables in real life can be expressed as the sum of a large number of random variables and, by the CLT, we can argue that distribution of the sum should be normal. The CLT is one of the most important results in probability and we will discuss it later on. Here, we will introduce normal random variables.

We first define the standard normal random variable. We will then see that we can obtain other normal random variables by scaling and shifting a standard normal random variable.

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