Eternal Love: A Valentine’s Day Ode

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In the tender embrace of twilight’s hue,
Where stars whisper secrets, old and true,
Two hearts entwine in love’s sweet ballet,
On this cherished eve, Valentine’s Day.

Eternal Love A Valentine's Day Ode
Eternal Love: A Valentine’s Day Ode

In the dance of time, our souls unite,
Bound by a love, pure and bright.
Through every storm and every fray,
Our love shines on, come what may.

In your eyes, I see the dawn’s first light,
A beacon of hope through the darkest night.
Your touch, a symphony, soft and serene,
Guiding me to shores I’ve never seen.

On this day of love, let us vow,
To cherish each moment, here and now.
For in your arms, I’ve found my home,
Wherever we roam, together we’ll roam.

So let us raise a toast, my dear,
To love’s embrace, forever near.
For in this journey, hand in hand,
We’ll paint a life, a masterpiece grand.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love divine,
In your heart, forever I’ll shine.
Through time and space, our souls will sway,
In eternal love’s sweet, endless ballet.

With love from Tâm Tài Đức Education Center.

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