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English short stories for beginners

1. «Robinson Crusoe» for Beginner Levels

My name is Robinson. I am from England. I am eighteen years old. My father is German. My mother is English. I have two brothers. I have one sister. We are a good family.

My father is a good businessman. We have money. I have a good school. I have a good life. But I have a dream. I want to travel…

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2. «Robinson Crusoe» for Elementary Levels

I was born in England in 1632. My father was German and my mother was English. I had two brothers and one sister. We were a good family.

My father was a good businessman. We had a lot of money. I had good education. I had a good life. But I also had a dream…

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3. «The Little Prince» for Beginner Levels

I look at this little man. I am really surprised. Don’t forget that I am a thousand miles from a land with people. Something is very interesting. This little man is not tired. He is not hungry. He is not thirsty. He is not scared. He doesn’t look lost in the middle of the desert, a thousand miles from a land with people…

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4. «The Little Prince» for Elementary Levels

I looked at this little man with my eyes full of surprise. Don’t forget that I was a thousand miles from any land with people. It was interesting to see that this little man didn’t look tired, hungry, thirsty or scared. He didn’t look like a child who was lost in the middle of the desert…

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5. «Rich Man, Poor Man» for Beginners Levels

The next morning I got up very early. It was dark and everyone was asleep. But I was going to Darpur. I washed and dressed carefully. I put on my best clothes and I carried my best stick. I put the money order….

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6. «Lost love» for Elementary Levels

There things happened to me nearly ten years ago. I lived in a city, but the city was hot in summer. I wanted to see the country. I wanted to walk in the woods and see green trees. I had a little red car and I had a map, too. I drove all night out into the country. I was happy in my car…

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7. «The Girl with Red Hair» for Elementary Levels

My name is Mark Sellers. I’m twenty-two years old, and I work in security in Mason’s store. You can get everything here- books, TVs, hats, flowers, sandwiches, beds, bicycles…It’s interesting work, and I like it. Sometimes I walk around in the store, and sometimes I work in the office…

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8. «The Fisherman and His Soul» for Elementary Levels

Every evening the fisherman went out fishing. He sometimes sold his fish at the market. Sometimes he did not catch many fish…

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9. «The Girl with Green Eyes» For Elementary Levels

It was a hot day and the train was slow.  There were seven people in the carriage.  There was the man in the brown hat; the young man and his wife, Julie; a mother and two children; and a tall dark man in an expensive suit…

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10. «South for the Winter» for Beginners

I never stay in one country for a long time. It gets boring.  I like to move on, see new places, meet different people. It’s a good life, most of the time.  When I need money, I get a fruit. In Europe you can pick fruit most of the year…

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11. «Mr. Harris and the Night Train» Elementary Levels

Mr. Harris liked trains. He was afraid of aeroplanes, and didn’t like buses. But trains —  they were big and noisy and exciting.  When he was a boy of ten, he liked trains.  Now he was a man of fifty, and he still liked trains…

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12. «Blue Moon Beach» — for Beginners

I’m sitting and watching birds. I’m at Blue Moon Beach. I think it is the
best beach in the world. The water is warm and blue. The sand is very white.
Blue Moon Beach is my beach…

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13. «The Young King» for Elementary Levels

«Who will be the next King?» they asked. But before the King died he Revealed a secret: his only daughter, the Princess, had a child. In secret, she married an ordinary man and they had a son…

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14. «The Bet» for Advanced Levels

It was a dark autumn night.  The old banker was pacing from corner to corner of his study, recalling to his mind the party he gave in the autumn fifteen years before…

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15. 10 Very Funny Short Stories — for Beginner Levels

“When I sleep in my bed, I think that there is somebody under my bed. I look under my bed and I think there is somebody on my bed. On, under, on, under. I think that I am crazy!”

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