Đề cương ôn thi cao học môn Tiếng Anh

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Ôn thi Cao học môn Tiếng Anh

FIND THE MISTAKES (100 sentences)

1. Although the dog appeared harmless, it, in fact, was quite dangerous.
A. Although
B. harmless
C. in fact
D. quite

2. Nobody whom was at the meeting will say anything to the press.
A. Nobody
B. whom
C. will
D. to

3. Thanks in Laura’s support, I was able to finish the project.
A. Thanks
B. in
C. was
D. finish

4. Not many of the person in Britain speak a single word of my language.
A. many
B. person
C. single
D. of

5. I will be sure you didn’t lock the front door. Here is the key.
A. will be
B. didn’t
C. front
D. is

6. Keeping calmly is the secret of passing your driving test.
A. Keeping
B. calmly
C. passing
D. driving

7. The fox was unsuccessful on reaching the grapes.
A. was
B. on
C. reaching
D. the

8. It is believed for that the man escaped in a stolen car.
A. It is
B. for
C. escaped
D. in

9. I think that you are drawn up some excellent plans. I must congratulate you.
A. think
B. are
C. some
D. must

10. The critics were strongimpressed by her performance.
A. critics
B. strong
C. by
D. performance

11. They had to be dismantle the vehicle to get them across the gorge.
A. be
B. vehicle
C. to get
D. across

12. I do wishes you would stop biting your nails, Brian! It really annoys me.
A. wishes
B. would
C. biting
D. annoys

13. Sarah wore dark glasses so to that no one would recognize her.
A. wore
B. to
C. would
D. her

14. I found it when I was looking through some old paper.
A. it
B. when
C. was looking
D. paper

15. I think you should tolerant of other people’s weaknesses.
A. think
B. should tolerant
C. other
D. weaknesses

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